What is Meta & Metaverse?

Harsh Motiramani
2 min readNov 29, 2021


So recently Facebook rebranded the company as Meta, which is related to its one of the most important upgrades, bringing an extension of three-dimensional virtual reality spaces, metaverse.

Why Meta?

On October 28 Mark Zuckerburg announced the rebranding of Facebook to Meta on a live stream virtual conference, it notified the users and stakeholders of the company about the big change they are bringing.

A name like Meta was chosen because of metaverse a new functionality the company is launching.

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world where users can meet people virtually using a VR headset and glasses. Zuckerberg also showed some glimpses of this real-life video game and also explained its mind-blowing functionalities. Here users can work, play, communicate with friends and also attend events or conferences all around the world by just physically sitting at one place with a VR headset.

What can we do in the metaverse?

Zuckerberg has designed a new world in the metaverse where most physical tasks are possible. Here cryptocurrency and NFTs will play an important role, people can invite their friends into their virtual spaces, the CEO also mentioned teleportation which would be just like clicking on links. Here users will project themselves as holograms in the physical world. Horizon worlds is a very special functionality where the user can create their worlds and stay in them and also throw parties etc. Placing digital objects in the real world will also be possible here. Users can bring their photos and videos stored on their apps into the virtual world and share them with others.


Gaming plays an important role in the entertainment industry, metaverse has an innovative concept of playing games in 3D experience. Users can also play games like chess, tennis with people from any part of the world but it would be possible to see them in front of them. Games like Beat Saber, Grand Theft Auto and many more will also be available.

Work & Learn

Working in this reality is also possible! Designing your own office and moreover, the user can work in normal clothes while they are sitting at home in reality. Users can attend conferences in any part of the world preventing travelling expenses and time. Students can also have group study sessions and great learning experiences by bringing things closer to them. Users can teleport from one world to another easily.

The Future

As promised by the CEO, metaverse will have it all, gyms change into fitness applications, Horizon Home for social interactions, entertainment from games and many more things which will replace a lot of technology in the physical world. Metaverse becomes a whole new world!