Next Generation OS: Windows 11

Harsh Motiramani
3 min readJul 23, 2021


Windows the most used Operating System, for more than 3 decades has been surprising us every year. Recently Windows announced its upcoming Operating System Windows 11. As you read ahead you will get to know more about its specifications and what features have been improved from Windows 10. Well yes, 11 looks more futuristic by judging its home screen images.

Before we go ahead, it is important to know what’s an Operating System or OS. OS is the most important software needed to work on your computer. OS is just like the human brain but for a computer. It manages the computer’s memory and processes it. It also allows user communication with the computer. Basically, you can’t imagine a computer without an OS.

So, Windows 11 is also an OS and will be helping the computer run. It will be released in October 2021 and can be accessed by all.

What’s New:

This futuristic OS is introducing modern touch techniques for a better experience on a PC. Whenever a new OS is built it usually helps users to get what they want more quickly. Microsoft has been changing the rules of its app store to bring a better variety and even bring Android apps on PC, last but not least it is adding enhancements to boost gaming. The new touch screen controls and better approach to design windows on screen may make it simple to sit before the PC for extensive stretches.

More and more is expected from the Windows company as its current version Windows 10 is the most used OS in the world. And so the company doesn’t want to lose its leadership from Apple and Google.

Let’s try it:

Microsoft has revealed a Windows 11 preview build of the software for people enrolled on the Windows Insider Program, it's showing some glimpses of how the OS is going to look and work.

If you want to try it, here are the steps:

Go to Setting-> Search for Windows Insider Program -> and register yourself!


This software is still new and not tested, and so it might contain some issues where the user will have to figure out workarounds.

Key Details of the new features:

1. Start Button

The Start Button has been shifted to the centre from the left side in the Task Bar. Along with the pinned applications in the taskbar.

2. Start Menu

Same as the Start button the Menu is also now in the centre and looks more organized.

3. Refresh Rate

The normal refresh rate of a computer is 60Hz but nowadays companies like Dell, HP have a refresh rate of 120Hz which consume a battery. Windows 11 has an exception it can help lengthen battery life.

4. Customized Keyboard

The Windows 11 keyboard will include emojis, GIFs, word suggestions handwriting recognition and the opportunity to design a custom theme. It will also include some features from Windows 10.

There are a few more features that are making Windows 11 more exciting and it better doesn’t disappoint the users.