Backend Development: Introduction to MySQL

Harsh Motiramani
2 min readJan 24, 2022


A database is a collection of data. Every database has a separate API that is used for managing, accessing, searching or replicating the data it holds.

Nowadays we use RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) which helps store and manage a large volume of data. MySQL is also a type of RDBMS.

What is MySQL?

pc: Amazon AWS

MySQL is a fast and easy to use RDBMS used to manage and store data and a part of small and large businesses.MySQL is developed and supported by MySQLAB, which is a Swedish company. MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source RDBMS. Structured Query Language stores data in tables made up of rows and columns.

Installing Xampp

So Xampp is an open-source package that is used for PHP development. It provides a graphical interface for SQL, and so in this blog we install Xampp on your device.

So to install Xampp I have used the following link

You will be redirected to this page where you can download Xampp concerning your OS and your device specifications. By simply clicking on install your Xammp software will install.

After successful installation, you can search for Xampp Control Panel on your device and a small box appears on your screen.

Now to work with SQL we click on the Start button beside Apache and MySQL. After clicking the Admin button is enabled, we click on the Admin button beside MySQL and you are redirected to a page looking like this.

This is our workspace where we create and store data in databases. You have successfully installed Xampp and have also seen the workspace. This is it for the blog, in the upcoming blogs, we will understand the tools in the workspace and also make a database!

Thank you Vedaantmelkari for contributing to the blog!